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Indus Community Services (Indus) is an accredited, not-for-profit community benefit organization that has served local communities for 35 years. The agency is a registered charity supported by its donors and by all three levels of government.

Indus, through its professional staff of 140+ personnel, are leaders in providing culturally appropriate services to newcomers, families, women and seniors.

The Gold Seal indicates that our services and programs meet the highest international standards and are an indication of the organization’s dedication and commitment to improving the quality of the lives of people served.


To be leaders in building strong and inclusive communities


We are a community benefit organization focused on building resilient and healthy communities by offering person-centered, anti-oppressive programs and services

Guiding Values

Person-Centered – Inclusive – Dedicated – Accountable

Our journey to ‘Indus Community Services’

In the early 1980’s, a small group of community activists gathered together and determined that the ‘Indo Canadian ’community needed to create opportunities for its seniors to meet regularly. In 1985 the ‘India Rainbow Club of Peel’ was incorporated. As the community became more involved, it was decided that the organization should broaden its appeal -and became India Rainbow Community Services of Peel, with a formal business address and a few programs for seniors. Fast forward three decades and the agency has grown to seven locations, has a staff of over 140, and a renewed commitment to serve people of all backgrounds in a way that is culturally responsive and adheres to the highest standards of service. Part of this renewed commitment took the form of two Member’s Open Houses held in January 2016.
These, along with the stakeholders consultations and online surveys resulted in 167 helpful responses. 80% of these indicated that the words ‘India’ and ‘Rainbow’ could create misunderstandings over whom we served. Additionally, almost every respondent suggested that the agency should expand beyond Peel Region. The Board then turned to branding experts to assist with suggesting new names and creating a process to seek further advice through Focus Group discussions with stakeholders and interviews with similar organizations that have gone through updates to their brand.

It was through this open and consultative process that the new name of Indus Community Services was chosen. Staff voted for the selection of our new logo design which gives us our new corporate colours!

The Indus Valley Civilization

The major Indus Valley Settlements of Mohenjo-daro and Harappa and the sphere of influence and trade that reached across South Asia and as far west as ancient Egypt. The United Nations has declared these ancient settlements as World Heritage sites. The Indus Valley Civilization was generally a peaceful one that focused on trade and farming. These facets of the civilization were found to be a perfect balance in the selection of our new name: Indus Community Services.

Indus was seen as being non-political and non-religious, but still grounded in a heritage that goes back to one of humanity’s earliest civilization almost 5500 years ago.


Through the Apna Health collaboration, Indus Community Services and Punjabi Community Health Services, have partnered together to release a specialized report on International Students – Invited & Forgotten: International Students in Crisis. Read here: https://www.induscs.ca/international-students-task-force/