From the time we are born to the time we pass on, we have thoughts. They can be anything positive or negative, but they are always fleeting. Thoughts are important because they help us make decisions in our everyday lives. Without thoughts, our mind would not exist, because thoughts are information that we store in our mind to revisit. Thoughts affect how we act in front of people or how we approach situations. In this post, we will explore the significance of thoughts and how they are linked to our emotions. Second, we will explore how thoughts can cause mental fatigue. Lastly, learning to use thoughts that reflect what we are aiming to achieve in our life. 

We all know the difficulty of separating our thoughts from our emotions. This is because we let our emotions influence our thoughts. It is not necessarily a bad thing because human beings tend to approach situations diplomatically. In a way, when we are talking to people our thoughts allow us to express ourselves in a clear manner. Our thoughts are also used as decision-making tools to make both sound and clear decisions, and because of this, our decisions and ability to approach any given situation is largely influenced by our emotions. 

Thoughts contain so much information that sometimes they can become overwhelming. Part of the reason is because we are overstimulated by so much information in our daily lives through work, responsibilities and  even social media that it becomes difficult to remove ourselves from it and learn to relax. In other instances we can get fixated one one thought, which might lead to  overthinking causing you to feel mental exhaustion. In other words, be careful not to get fixated on thoughts that pop up into your head. In order to overcome these tendencies you could practice meditation, improving your sleeping habits, and spending time with your loved ones. This keeps your mind healthy and active.

Last, but not least, it is important  to reflect on your thoughts, because it allows you to know yourself better and  what type of person you are. This is how you know to separate thoughts that do not serve any purpose to you. Those thoughts should not be dwelled upon, so let them flow away. As mentioned earlier, all thoughts are fleeting, that means they do not hold any weight to who you are. So just dwell on thoughts that make you feel good and give you insight into who you want to be and not those that  disempower you

In conclusion, we have explored how thoughts and emotions interplay with one another,  how thoughts and overthinking can be harmful,  and the importance of reflecting on your thoughts.