Personal Branding

What comes to mind when you see this image?

McDonald’s Right? A strong brand! A brand that has stood the test of time!

Their mission is to make delicious feel-good moments easy for everyone. We have all had our fair share of feel-good moments at MacDonald’s, haven’t we? It’s safe to say it’s a brand that serves. Service is at the heart of their brand.

Moving on to your personal brand, it represents your entirety. At the center of your brand is your

purpose, core values, and beliefs.

It also includes what you say and what you do which should be a reflection of your core values. Even if you do not attempt to influence or develop your personal brand, it already exists as long as you have an online presence.

The question is, what do you want to be known for?

If you google your name, what would appear in the search results?

Are they results that match your personal values? Are the results a true reflection of who you are?

Ask yourself these questions and make a commitment to developing a strong personal brand for yourself.

Go through these tips 

#1 – “When Purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable” ― Myles Munroe

Create Content with a Purpose 

Whatever content you put out, let there be a purpose for it…That is not to say do not have fun, but let there be purpose. If you share an image, is it edifying? Does it bring people down? Is it racist or narcissist? Check these things and more before sharing content…Are you an entertainer? Share content that entertains people not content that entertains with an underlying form of prejudice. Think twice before you post. Are you a professional? Share content that reflects your profession, career, and that people can actually learn from.

#2 – This stems from the previous tip; PURPOSE. Are you a professional? 

Focus on your professional presence

One of the most robust professional networking platforms is LinkedIn, I have shared a few tips on building your LinkedIn profile, if you missed it, click here. Your professional presence is an important part of your personal brand. A good professional image can help others have a positive impression of you and want to get to know you better. Due to the pandemic, a lot has changed in the world, most events have gone virtual so you do not have to stress to attend events. However, the same things you focus on in physical events should not be ignored i virtual events. Dress the part and speak professionally. Avoid being lethargic because you are joining an event from home. Prepare adequately for any events where you would be speaking and if you have the opportunity to network during or after the event, send out an excellent pitch about yourself.

#3 Build a website

This may not be for everybody, but a website definitely says a lot about how seriously you take yourself. This will in turn influence others to take you even more seriously and ultimately your brand. It is definitely a good option to look into. If you ever decide to sell your knowledge, then this is also a great opportunity and route to tow.

A good personal brand helps you to be more visible, leverage your network and of course puts you out there in a good light among other amazing benefits.