Giving Nature

When we are children, our parents, teachers, and society  preach to us the importance of giving and how we should incorporate it into our innate nature. Books are a form of teaching on the importance of morals and having a giving nature. These books portray core teachings, lessons, and stories. So how is giving important for mental health and ourselves? When we lend something like care by listening to our friends or family member’s concerns about a situation or circumstance that in itself is giving because it means that we as individuals are showing empathy and compassion. This post will discuss what giving is, the importance of having a giving nature, and lastly, go into how giving is important for having good mental health. 

 Let’s delve into what giving is. It is pretty self-explanatory. Giving is showing some form of love, compassion towards others, and empathy that we as humans are interested in understanding and loving each other. Giving in itself is a practiced discipline and most of all gives us satisfaction when put into action. Practicing giving is important, because like many things it is overlooked and forgotten. It is a practice and discipline for us to develop into our nature but that does not mean you must forget about yourself. Hence, through our actions, thoughts, and values we learn the difference between good and bad, right from wrong, and giving and taking.

Now that we know what giving is and the method one should take to develop it into their habits and personality, we can get into why such nature needs to be adopted into our lifestyle. You may have surmised thus far the importance of adopting such a nature can feel at times hard. Again it is not a bad thing to adopt as it is more important than taking. Another feeling one will get by practicing giving is satisfaction and relief, because your soul and one’s heart will feel good and light.

How is having a giving nature good for our mental health? It is good because it gives our mind, heart, and soul evidence that we as individuals worked hard and showed an effort to help people that need help. This can be as simple as showing a way for people that want to get somewhere, helping an elderly cross a street, or providing services as a professional if their job is to help people get services, or even simply as doing random acts of kindness. These instances can all help one towards having good mental health because they are happy, satisfied, and most of all yearn to do it again.

In conclusion, having a giving nature is good for our soul, mind, and heart; It is important  to adopt as a daily practice.