Interview Tips

Many people say a good resume gets you the job, but in reality it does not! A good resume gets you an interview! In my previous post, I talked about the important information that should be on your resume, if you missed it check here

After sending a good resume, the next stage in the hiring process is the interview stage. This stage gets the majority worked up. Interviews have a tense atmosphere around them mostly because the other party has something you need so badly and you are so bent on impressing the interviewer. However, I’d be sharing some tips to help you ace your interviews and land the job.

Prepare! Prepare!! Prepare!!!

  1. Understand the job description

This, my friends, is the game changer! You can not be too prepared for an interview. Read and understand the job description and requirements. The job description is like your cheat sheet. Many questions would come from it. It shows you exactly what kind of person the company is looking for, the skills needed to fill the job and the past experience they’d like you to have. 

  1. Research the company

Before you go for that interview, it is important to research the company. Find information about what the company does, the core values, products and services, leadership e.t.c. It gives you a good understanding of the company culture and goals, and helps you to customize your responses to some of the questions during your interview.

  1. Ask about your Interviewer

I have shared this  tip with many people and they are initially hesitant about it. They wonder if it is right to ask about your interviewer. However, I strongly suggest you ask who will be on your interview panel prior to the interview. Knowing who will interview you and finding out a bit more about them prior to the interview will help a great deal. It helps ease the tension around interviews and you might be lucky enough to find out about their interests which can form part of your conversation during the interview. You can also ask them questions about their career based on your research about them.

  1. Practice!

There are several common interview questions available on the internet, take some time to prepare your answers to these questions. Questions like 

I. Tell me about yourself

Ii. Why do you want to work for this company?

Iii. Why should we hire you?

Iv. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Prepare your answers based on the job description and requirements as well as your research about the company. Try not to memorize answers, but prepare and let the answers flow naturally. There is some danger with memorizing answers, you could forget when you get tense in the interview.

To be continued…

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