The Art of Relaxation

Springtime has arrived and with the season comes warm weather, animals waking up from hibernation, beautiful walks and runs, and most of all relaxing in nature and socializing or even simply observing people going about their daily routines. As you may have surmised, the premise of this post is the art of relaxation. In this post, we will first define relaxation and art, second, we will distinguish the difference between the negative and positive aspects of relaxation, and lastly, we will explore the importance of relaxation and how it impacts us. 

We all associate relaxation with things that makes us feel calm, relaxed, and most of all, happy. However, this is a superficial definition of what relaxation is. Relaxation is a broad concept because it impacts all of our physical, mental, and spiritual senses. The word is a construct that we invented to describe the feeling of tranquility.  Art can be distinguished as anything from fashion to normal painting, hence, no matter what type of art it is, it invokes some form of emotions, which affects our mind, our body, and spirit. 

Throughout history, we have distinguished relaxation into two categories. First, we have concluded that too much relaxation can cause us to feel sluggish and lazy. Our being seeks exploration and purpose so even if we are stuck at home, we will find a way to motivate ourselves. This brings us to the second category and that is relaxing to power up, for example, if you are sick, relaxing and getting sleep enhances your body and mind to perform better. 

Relaxation impacts all of our mental and physical states. Let’s start with how it makes us feel physically, for example, it is a fine day, the weather is great, and we sit out to relax. We feel we are in nature and we are getting sunlight, hence, vitamin D, which in turn makes us feel energized. The sunlight also gives our mind an overwhelming feeling of happiness and wakes us with energy and vigour. Relaxation is important for our spiritual senses because it is said that when we are relaxed, we tune into our internal universe. Thus, relaxation becomes the epitome of our spirituality because we learn to listen to what our body and mind wants. 

In conclusion, relaxation is an art because it helps our mind feel rested, our body full of energy, and our soul full of life.