Family Services

Child, Youth, & Parenting (CYP) Program

Effective September 8, 2021, Indus requires proof of vaccination via paper or PDF vaccine receipt or an enhanced digital vaccine receipt that features a QR code (upon implementation by the Province of Ontario) and another piece of photo identification, such as a driver’s licence or health card in order to access in-person services. Clients who are unable to provide proof of vaccination will only be provided phone or virtual services by appointment only.

Please review our COVID-19 Vaccination Policy. 


Our counsellors support parents and families dealing with cultural and intergenerational conflict, by providing positive parenting strategies and helping families understand the range of supports available to them.

The CYP Program provides support to children, youth and parents in the following areas:

  • Crisis intervention and risk assessment
  • Cultural and intergenerational conflict support Youth mental health: dealing with anxiety & stress, identifying abusive behaviours and healthy versus unhealthy relationships
  • Support to parents involved in child protection, education, youth justice, and the family court systems
  • Coping strategies for families dealing with separation, divorce, co-parenting, or parenting in blended family structures

“When my daughter was diagnosed bipolar my family blamed me, my marriage was strained, my son was scared and my daughter became even more isolated. Thanks to Indus we were supported and connected to the right resources. We got our hope, spirit and pride back. Calling Indus was the best thing I could have done!” Z

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Through the Apna Health collaboration, Indus Community Services and Punjabi Community Health Services, have partnered together to release a specialized report on International Students – Invited & Forgotten: International Students in Crisis. Read here: