Newcomer Services

Care For Newcomer Children (CNC)

Care For Newcomer Children (CNC) – Childcare for ages 19 months to 6 years – while parents are attending LINC classes.

The focus of the CNC program is to provide a warm and nurturing environment to help children develop to their fullest potential. Recognizing that children in the CNC program are from many different cultures, our staff provide a place of respect, creativity, fun, and understanding of differences.

The CNC Program follows a philosophy of learning through play. Our qualified staff have Early Childhood Education (ECE) Diploma with Certification in First Aid and CPR. Age appropriate activities are planned to provide the children opportunities to play and share together, and to grow in all developmental areas, at their own pace. The room space is organized into designated play areas, which encourages children’s physical, cognitive, social, emotional and language development. All activities are sensitive to the child’s past experiences and to help them become familiar with life in Canada. Each child is recognized as a unique individual who brings a special quality to the program, and deserves the encouragement to try and explore new things, and develop their own personality.

Supervised program for school-aged children (up to 12 years) is offered during the summer, as well as March Break and PD days.  Parents attending LINC classes can enrol their children in the Summer School Age program, which offers a variety of creative and engaging activities.  Our staff provide a safe and nurturing environment, while recognizing different levels of learning and understanding differences in culture, background, and experiences.

Pre-registration for the school age program is required.


Through the Apna Health collaboration, Indus Community Services and Punjabi Community Health Services, have partnered together to release a specialized report on International Students – Invited & Forgotten: International Students in Crisis. Read here: