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Adult Day Services

Effective September 8, 2021, Indus requires proof of vaccination from all Health Services clients. Clients who disclose that they have not been fully vaccinated or who have not disclosed their vaccination status will not be able to access in-person services and may be able to access virtual programming as developed and if available for a daily service fee.

Please review our COVID-19 Vaccination Policy. 


Our Adult Day Services program, at three sites throughout Mississauga and Brampton, serves clients with high-care needs and those who exhibit challenging behaviours. We also provide specialized care for clients with dementia-related illnesses. Programs are conducted in a safe, supervised, and caring environment, by professional staff.

The Adult Day program offers stimulating physical, mental, social, and recreational activities in a group setting, combined with one-on-one sessions, to promote independence and healthy living. Delicious and nutritious vegetarian South Asian meals are provided daily, while also accommodating for any special dietary needs of the clients.

Foot care services are offered to registered participants at all three sites in Mississauga and Brampton, while Foot care services are available to our Health Services registered participants at all three sites, as well as to individuals registered in our Senior Wellness programs. Bathing and haircare services are available at our Brampton location.

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Through the Apna Health collaboration, Indus Community Services and Punjabi Community Health Services, have partnered together to release a specialized report on International Students – Invited & Forgotten: International Students in Crisis. Read here: