Tips to Enhance your LinkedIn Profile

It is no longer news that LinkedIn is one of the most used professional networking sites especially now with the current situation of the world.

How do we then optimize this robust platform to get best results from it?

I shared details of a LinkedIn workshop in my last blog post and today I am going to share excerpts from the highly informative workshop. We actually had a volunteer from the group and we worked on her profile live! We had such an amazing time. If you want to be a part of our subsequent workshops, please feel free to reach out to us, register via our website or send an email to

According to  latest stats, LinkedIn moved from 590 million users by the end of 2018 to over 722 million by Q1 FY21.

Nearly 40 million people use LinkedIn to search for jobs each week and 3 people get hired every minute on LinkedIn. (WOW!!)

LinkedIn is the most-used social media platform amongst Fortune 500 companies..

I wouldn’t bore you with stats and numbers, if you want to see more feel free to visit LinkedIn’s Business Highlights

From these data, we can tell that LinkedIn is set to change the world one professional at a time and we have to get on board so we don’t miss out on interesting opportunities.

#1. Let’s start with a good HEADSHOT!

Yes, there’s nothing a good headshot with a nice smile cannot solve!

Your photo humanizes your profile and will allow connections to recognize you when/if they meet you in real life.

LinkedIn profiles with photos get 21x more views and up to 36x more messages.

People looking to make connections are drawn to human faces, so even if your job title and summary are remarkable, if you’re rocking the “empty profile photo” profile photo, then chances are people are not going to notice you.

Guess what? You don’t need to get a professional photographer to get this done! A good phone, a nice outfit and a plain background will do the trick. You can have your PJs on and just throw on a nice outfit! (No one is going to know!- 🙂 )

#2. Next is your HEADLINE.

Did you know LinkedIn uses information from your headline for keyword searches? It is also the next most viewed part of your profile after your name and headshot.

Unlike a resume, we can’t tailor our profile for each specific role we want so include important keywords about your knowledge and experience on your headline.

Your profile needs to be set up so that it captures a range of opportunities. Many people rock the “Employed at XYZ Ltd” or “Unemployed” Headline. 

You have to switch things up and be different in a way that sets you apart from the competition. A good headline would be “Tax Consultant at EY| Financial Analyst| Socio-Finance Entrepreneur| Blogger| Change Management Advocate”

These cover a range of interesting areas of interest as well as experience for a certain professional on LinkedIn and if anyone searches for these keywords on LinkedIn, this profile will definitely come up.

#3. Next stop is your PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY

You know how your resume has a professional summary and we often refer to it as your elevator pitch, well this is also your LinkedIn Elevator Pitch/Speech.

Please ensure that it is attention grabbing. You can choose to write in 1st person or 3rd person but let it be a true reflection of you, your experience, value proposition, unique selling point and everything in between.

Here is an example:

With over 10 years of progressive and outcome-focused HR experience, I create solutions and provide support to organizations by leveraging my experience in strategic business partnering, employee engagement, talent management, team effectiveness, coaching and change management.

Some choose to write multiple paragraphs and others choose to keep it short. Whichever one you choose, ensure it describes you in a way that grabs the reader’s attention.

#4. We move on to SKILLS & EXPERTISE

Here, I would say you take advantage of LinkedIn’s skills list and add the several skills to your profile. You are allowed to add up to 50 skills so go ahead and maximize this. Include all the skills that you have/possess.

Also, get your colleagues and connections to endorse you for skills they know you possess. Also try to lend a helping hand by endorsing other people’s skills. This will trigger them to do the same for you.

#5. Be ACTIVE!

Engage with other professionals on LinkedIn. Post Articles if you can but if that seems like a lot of work, don’t break a sweat! Go ahead and drop comments on articles of interest or on trending topics. Like, post, share updates on LinkedIn.  You can also share details of an event/conference/webinar e.t.c. that you are attending or you attended.

These seemingly small activities will also help improve your visibility on LinkedIn and you just never know who is watching you!

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