Family Day

Ah, February, a month of celebrating with the people you love and sharing that love with your significant other. Let’s consider the day when we take time out of our busy lives to spend it with the people we love. Yes, this post will be discussing the importance of family and why Family Day is really important. Though you may say that this year and the last year has been nothing but spending time with family due to our current situation there are still ways we can make this family say fun and exciting. No matter how far or how close we all are from each other we should always find a way to keep connected to our loved ones. In this post, we will briefly explore different types of families than our traditional concepts. Lastly, we will explore the reasons how spending time with family, in general, prevents mental illnesses from happening. 

 it’s important to remember that we all have different concepts of what constitutes the meaning of family. Family can be different for everyone for example nuclear family, joint family, single-parent family, found family etc. You can understand now how the term ‘family’ is a term that is fluid. In knowing this we can appreciate that no matter what type of families we have, families are people that look out for you and are present in every part of one’s life. Understanding this definition of family is what Family Day is all about.  

Armed with an understanding of what is a family and the various types of families discussed above we can now get into the core of why Family Day is really important and how it can also prevent many health ailments. Family day is a time of celebrating by spending time with each other by playing activities, watching movies, or simply conversing with one another. Nonetheless, it is time to make memories with those that have been there with you through thick and thin and through the bad times and good. They have lifted your spirits when you were down and encouraged you when you were excelling at something. Love and attachment are the most important qualities that each family member has to each other. It is like a network connecting each other through the complexity of emotions that help each other cope during rough times. Due to the closeness and warmth of each other, it can help a family member struggling with anxiety, dementia, depression, etc.

We can agree that Family day is an amazing day where each of us can celebrate the time and memories with our families. It encourages us to do better for ourselves and each other so that we can grow bonds with each other when times get tough. Enjoy your Family Day and remember to hold your loved ones close to you! Being for them not only benefits them but also you.