Things To Do During Lockdown

We know how it feels – to go from getting back to a consistent routine, going back to the gym, seeing friends again for fun-filled activities and then all of a sudden, we’re back to a full lockdown and we’re restricted once again. Although it is with good intentions of keeping our community safe, it can still get frustrating as we potentially dive again into another quarantine rut. But you don’t have to feel this way simply by creating a brand new routine or trying new activities that you can do to stay productive. Here are some fun, relaxing activities that you can do! 


Exercising is a great way to keep yourselves busy, while also keeping yourselves in shape. There are multiple available workout videos that you can follow on YouTube. Have you heard of Chloe Ting?! She started a new 28-day challenge workout that you can follow and hold yourself accountable for. The best thing about these YouTube workouts is that they’re all FREE and you can do them whenever you want. 

If you’re not the type of person to stay home and do set workouts, outdoor walks and runs are still an option. The best thing about this is that you’re able to get some fresh air! 


Did you know that journaling has been proven to boost your mood, manage your stress and anxiety and allows you to do things like: manifesting and tracking your days? During these unprecedented times, things can get extremely stressful and what better way to release these emotions than to write it down. This way you’re able to figure out the causes of your stress and figure out ways on how you can combat this in the future. Moreover, journaling can also be a way of “manifesting” the things you want to achieve and accomplish simply by writing them down so you’re subconsciously allowing your brain to function in a way that will help you work towards these goals. Grab a blank notebook and start writing now! 


Have you looked at Pinterest lately? Or have you seen Instagram foodie accounts? There are multiple fun recipes that you should definitely try! Learning new recipes can be a fulfilling activity if you’ve been stuck cooking and baking the same things. Baking and cooking is also a good way to destress as you focus your attention on making the best apple pie of your life! 


Have you ever gotten the urge to just clean and declutter your house or room? If you’re looking to do something productive that is actually also proven to be a good way to de-stress – cleaning is proven to be a good activity for that. Not only are you getting things organized at home, but you’re also getting a good workout in because of the amount of running around, sweeping, wiping of mirrors, vacuuming, folding, etc. that you’re doing! Get cleaning and release those endorphins! 


Being productive doesn’t always mean you have to be moving 24/7 to feel accomplished. Sometimes being productive also means allowing yourself to take a break especially from the news that’s been feeding everyone with new information every single second. Productivity also means being able to give our minds and bodies a break, and allowing ourselves to relax with the people that we love and care about the most. Maybe watch a new movie? Play scrabble? Gather around the living room and look at old home videos? Make sure to start 2021 with the people who deserve your energy the most by only keeping those who make you feel positive and happy about your life. 

Stay safe and make sure to share your favourite quarantine activities in the comments down below!