Self-Care During the Holidays

When we think of self-care, we picture things that we love to do. This can include hobbies, spending time with friends and family, or spending time with your significant other. Regardless of what you do for self-care, it is important to include it in your daily life. In the upcoming holidays, it is especially important to exercise self-care because we know that this year has made socializing very challenging. In an attempt to explore self-care, we are going to venture into the importance of socializing. Today, we will cover the positive outcomes about the ways how we can stay connected to people around us and how we can stay mentally healthy.

Socializing is really important because it keeps our mental and emotional state healthy and can prevent many mental ailments. Socializing is part of self-care and being deprived of it can affect one’s mental wellbeing. In light of this pandemic, many of us have become vulnerable to feelings of isolation and loneliness. Few of us who live alone have lost the feeling of belonging and may feel drained and emotionally withdrawn. To better cope with this, we owe it to ourselves to exercise self-care daily with socializing being a specific method, especially during the holiday season. We have found creative ways through technology to achieve our need of connecting with people around us.

Technology has opened up so many avenues for continuing to build stronger social connections and relations with family members and friends. Though nothing beats socializing in person, technological communication helps us connect with people across the world. This makes us feel happy, excited and brings us some form of normalcy by either talking over the phone or video call. There are various virtual platforms that we can use for face-to-face interactions – including zoom, Google meets, Google hangouts and many more. Through these platforms, you can partake in activities like word games, charades, watching movies together, or simply holding meaningful conversations. Nonetheless, you will feel uplifted because you connected and spent time with them, irrespective of it being virtual. Any form of connecting with a person is a positive activity to engage in at this time in order to ensure your mental well-being.