Telephone Reassurance

Blog – Telephone Reassurance

The COVID-19 pandemic may have drastically changed the world, but it did not stop our agency from serving our clients. Our Friendly Visiting program has been around for many years and its purpose is to help our seniors maintain social connections. The pandemic hindered us from creating physical connections, that’s why we took the necessary step to move our service to the Telephone Reassurance program.

The Telephone Reassurance program’s main motive is to alleviate social isolation and loneliness amongst seniors since the pandemic heightened levels of isolation and loneliness affecting their health and quality of life in various ways. Having a volunteer call and check in has been relieving, and reassuring for clients as well as provided respite for caregivers.

We currently have about 35 active clients being served by about 28 volunteers within the Region of Peel. Our volunteers engage clients in meaningful conversations, over the phone activities such as trivia, and some clients and volunteers interact virtually in arts and crafts via zoom.

One of our volunteers who is engaging a client in virtual arts and crafts talks about how well the sessions are going on a weekly basis, and how passionate the client is about art, and painting. The client looks forward to her time with the volunteer throughout the week, and has helped her stay engaged and interactive.

As of now the program continues to take place telephonically and/or virtually, and Indus is looking to match more volunteers and clients in the near future.

Know someone that can benefit from our Telephone Reassurance program? Get in touch with us now and call our Volunteer Services Coordinator, Tulsi Radia at 905-275-2369 ext. 1291. At this time, please stay safe and we look forward to seeing you again soon.